Q1 Report

Q1 was another record-breaking quarter for the ICE ETF Hub: it processed over $163.3 billion in creation / redemptions including $66 billion of equity ETFs - our strongest quarter since the Hub launched in 2019. Fixed income ETFs also had a strong quarter with $97 billion in notional processed via the Hub - the second largest since launch. The growth in activity was partly driven by an increase in new members to the Hub and market volatility. By providing standards to simplify the creation and redemption process across equity and fixed income ETFs, Hub members benefit from efficiencies which help drive scale.


Though RFQ still comprises nearly half of electronic volume, at ICE, we saw record volumes for fixed income portfolio trading in the first quarter of 2021 - more than doubling from the previous quarter. ETF Hub users can stage orders via ICE FI Select and source bonds in the secondary market via ICE Bonds liquidity pools.

Hudson River Trading (HRT) is the latest authorized participant to join the ICE ETF Hub community.

ICE ETF Hub recently expanded functionality for its issuer direct workflow and standardized FIX APIs, issuer basket tool, and market access controls. The market access controls allow risk limit checks to be performed when orders are placed within the Hub, both directly through the user interface and via FIX flows.


This quarter we’re highlighting the bulk order entry functionality. Released in late 2019, this feature has transformed the way users are able to communicate multiple orders simultaneously to their APs or issuers. With a click of a button, users can send a large number of orders at once, saving time, and enabling large orders to be sent close to fund cut-off times. To provide ultimate flexibility, users can upload orders via files, copy/paste features or via our modern user interface. Users can apply bulk customization of delivery types across orders. Orders placed in bulk can be easily tracked in the order blotter.

On the functionality, Hudson River Trading’s Matt Ossola said "Inputting individual order details is a time consuming and manual process. The ICE ETF Hub's "Bulk Upload" feature has given our desk the ability to streamline multiple order enrollment in a single pass."

Contact the ICE ETF Hub team to learn how this feature can boost workflow efficiency 


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