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December 2021 Highlights

ICE: The Home of U.K. Equity Derivatives

273% YoY

2021 average daily volume (ADV) up 273% YoY

12% YoY

2021 ADV up 12% YoY to 2.1k lots - Vast improvements to on-screen liquidity seen during 2021 to aid this volume growth

39% YoY

Trade at Index Close (TIC) volumes up 39% YoY. With a more granular tick size than the outright futures TIC allows investors to get closer to the daily benchmark close

19% YoY

U.K. Single Stock Options
2021 ADV up 19% YoY

65% YoY

Canadian Single Stock Futures
2021 ADV up 65% YoY - trading hours extended to 21:30 London time to capture full trading day of underlying market

600% YoY

Norwegian Single Stock Futures
2021 ADV up 600% YoY
FTSE 250 Index Futures Screen/Block Split

ICE MSCI Index Futures

In 2021, ICE continued to be the leading venue globally, in terms of volumes and open interest, for MSCI Index Futures

73% market share

ICE has over 73% market share in volumes and 60% market share in notional open interest (OI)

250% YoY

Strong growth throughout 2021 with Q4 seeing a 250% YoY increase in ADV

Record OI

MSCI Index Futures
Record OI in MSCI EM Asia ($10.9bn notional), MSCI Japan ($5.46bn notional) and MSCI EM EMEA ($1.4bn notional)
  • On Dec. 13, a record 1,947,134 lots traded across the ICE MSCI complex, surpassing the previous record of 1,812,599 set on March 15
  • MSCI Emerging Markets (MME) - a record 1,371,392 lots traded beating the previous record of 1,235,557 lots set on March 15, 2021
  • MSCI EAFE (MFS) - a record 455,493 lots traded beating the previous record of 448,669 lots set on March 15th, 2021
  • Strong volume growth in MSCI EM Asia, MSCI Japan, MSCI EM EMEA, MSCI EM LatAm and MSCI Europe Index Futures seen in 2021 - significant margin efficiencies offered against MSCI EM and MSCI EAFE Index Futures
2021 growth in ICE MSCI Futures
Coming up in early 2022

  • Introduction of new Risk Model on ICE US, more information can be found here or contact the Equity Derivatives team on
  • ICE Futures U.S. to launch four MSCI Climate Paris Aligned Index Futures Contracts, see press release here
MSCI ESG Leaders Complex Quarterly ADV
ICE Index Futures

MICRO NYSE FANG+™ Index Futures

  • In November, MICRO NYSE FANG+™ Index Futures averaged 6,242 contracts per day
  • Micro NYSE FANG+ Index futures set a record quarterly volume in Q4 averaging 7,095 contracts per day. Q4 volume was up 46% vs. volume for the 1st three quarters of 2021
  • Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) was added to the FANG+ Index as part of the 4th quarter rebalancing
NYSE  MICRO FANG + Futures ADV and OI Quarterly
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