November 2022 Highlights

ICE Equity Derivatives

ICE: The Home of U.K. Equity Derivatives

14% YoY

YTD average daily volume (ADV) up 14% at 136k lots

44% YTD

November ADV up 44% on November 21, YTD ADV up 25% to 2.5k lots

115% YTD

trade at index close products YTD ADV up 115% with continued buy and sell side adoption
ICE FTSE 100 Trade at Index Close Volumes

ICE MSCI Index Futures

31% YoY

volumes of 3,944,260 for November 22, up 31% vs November 21

41% YoY

volume 868,161 for November 22, up 41% vs November 21

50% YoY

volume of 2,971,671 for November 22, up 50% vs November 21

Equity Basis Blocks

Effective Dec. 13, ICE Futures U.S. introduced Equity Basis Blocks (EBBs) as an eligible block trade type.  In an EBB trade, the futures price is determined as a basis to the value of a basket of the underlying equities which are bought or sold by one of the parties over the course of a pre-determined, agreed upon period of time during a trading session. More details are provided in the following link >

MSCI Daily Futures Contracts

On Dec. 5, ICE Futures U.S. introduced MSCI Daily Futures Contracts (DFCs) for 17 MSCI futures contracts. DFCs cash-settle to the closing price of the underlying MSCI equity index. DFCs can be traded as an outright trade or can be traded with the eligible quarterly contract as a spread vs. the quarterly maturity of the futures contract (both legs referencing the same underlying index). DFCs provide market participants with a viable mechanism to execute MSCI Index Futures contracts “basis trades” relative to official MSCI Index closing prices. More details are provided in the following FAQ >

ICE Equity ESG & Climate Futures

The ICE equity sustainable product suite posted record OI and volumes in November, with OI growth across ESG and Climate index futures,

This has maintained the upward open interest trend for 2022, against strong geopolitical and markets headwinds for the space.

New listings in December will broaden this complex of derivatives, and further support clients’ needs in achieving sustainability goals. On the Dec. 5, ICE launched futures on MSCI Emerging Market ESG Leaders and MSCI EAFE Climate Aligned NTR Index futures. 

MICRO NYSE FANG+™ Index Futures

  • In November, MICRO NYSE FANG+™ Index Futures averaged 8,589 contracts per day.
  • Micro NYSE FANG+ YTD 2022 futures volume is up 73% vs. the same period in 2021.
  • The underlying NYSE® FANG+® Index will undergo several changes to its methodology effective with the quarterly reconstitution on Dec. 19, 2022 . Details here >

ICE Biotechnology GTR Index Futures and ICE Semiconductor GTR Index Futures

Key Information Documents for certain products covered by the EU Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products Regulation can be accessed on the relevant exchange website under the heading “Key Information Documents (KIDS)”.

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