ICE Equity

February 2021 Highlights

ICE U.K. Equity Derivatives

£43.7 bn

February open interest (OI) at £43.7 billion

£141.8 bn

February OI at £141.8 billion

25% YoY

FTSE 250 Index Futures
February OI at £1.32 billion,
ADV up 25% YoY
FTSE 100 Dividend Index - RDSA Withholding Futures
OI up 51% YoY, ADV up 127% YoY.

ICE MSCI Index Futures

MSCI EM Futures and MSCI EM Asia Futures initial margin offsets now at 94%


February YTD volumes at 5.8 million lots, OI at $144 billion


Volumes up 492% YoY, OI at $8 billion

36% YoY

MSCI EAFE Index Futures
Record notional open interest at $47.8 billion up 36% YoY
MSCI EM Index Futures and MSCI EAFE Index Futures notional OI
ICE MSCI ESG Derivatives
ICE MSCI ESG Index Futures, including MSCI ESG Leaders, Low Carbon and Climate Change Index Futures, offer exposure to ESG factors and are standardized contracts listed on ICE Futures U.S. and tradable alongside the MSCI EM and MSCI EAFE contracts.

MICRO NYSE FANG+™ Index Futures

MICRO NYSE FANG+ Index Futures provide a vehicle to trade an index based on the FAANG stocks and five other leading tech/growth issues, including Tesla. The futures contract is actively traded on ICE Futures U.S, offers a contract size considerably smaller than most other stock index futures and allows for greater flexibility and cost efficiency. With the ongoing strong interest in the tech sector, a wide range of participants have embraced the product.

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